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The Dandelion Hub features the Dandelion Network social network to support communication and collaboration between activists creating a movement of movements for science, people power and a livable future. It aims to provide a "digital neighbourhood" for like-minded people to connect, organize and advertise actions. It is a service provided by the Dandelion Hub (https://dhub.global), a platform for progressive civil resistance movements.

All users are advised to be friendly, constructive and effective in their communication. While users are encouraged to share information and opinions on relevant topics, they are endorsed to avoid off-topic content.

Posts containing off-topic contents (e.g. funny cat videos) will be interpreted as an act of civil resistance against the civil resistance movement and will result in a raised eyebrow by the admin ;-).

To discuss specific topics in channels use #HashTagsWithCamelBackNotation.

To permanently share content consider using external file sharing services which allow a hierarchical folder structure, e.g. Nextcloud.

In addition the rules of the mastodon.social network apply [1]:

  1. Sexually explicit or violent media must be marked as sensitive when posting
  2. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or casteism
  3. No incitement of violence or promotion of violent ideologies
  4. No harassment, dogpiling or doxxing of other users
  5. No content illegal in Germany
[1] https://mastodon.social/about/more